Warming up the engines: NERRI Consortium Meeting in Nijmegen

The NERRI members can start counting down: in two weeks we will be all together again in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) to talk about the development of the project.

The NERRI members are looking forward to going to Nijmegen, where the Consortium Meeting will take place 26th and 27th May. The meeting is an important occasion to discuss the results achieved so far and what needs to be done in the following months. As a matter of fact, the NERRI project is now crossing one of the crucial phases of the project: the MML activities. The activities, that will take place until the end of 2014, are engaging all the partners around Europe. Since these activities are the core of the mobilization and mutual learning process the project members need to take stock of the situation: how many people have been engaged so far? What were the outcomes of the first events organized? Is there anything that should be improved in the MML approach?

The meeting, that has been organized by the Dutch members of the Consortium, has the goal of perfecting NERRI MML approach. Maximizing the impact and the outcomes of this stage of the project is necessary to provide a basis material for the next workpackage: governance of responsible research and innovation.

For the above mentioned reasons the NERRI members cannot wait anymore for the meeting. Stay tuned!