Super me

The NERRI project will join the Euroscience Open Forum in June. The NERRI event will take place on 23rd June in Copenhagen.

SCIENCE IN THE CITY event in Copenhagen June 2014 at Euroscience Open Forum (ESOF). 

ESOF is a biennial conference which was first held in 2004 in Stockholm and has since then been held in Munich in 2006, Barcelona in 2008, Torino in 2010, Dublin in 2012 and will be held in Copenhagen in 2014. 

The goal of ESOF is to raise awareness of science in the public and to strengthen the effective “bridges” between science and society that is synonymous with Euroscience. The title of the 2014 meeting is “Science Building Bridges”.

The Danish science center Experimentarium is hosting two events: one scientific session and one public event, called “Science in the city”. Both events are part of the NERRI project aiming to create debates on the ethical dilemmas of neuro-enhancement. 

At the public event participants will be invited to debate the future in a provocative immersive experience. What does science do to us? What do we want and what do we not want?

Participants will be invited into a role game at the public event where they can meet and talk with different people who will provoke and challenge their attitudes on neural enhancement.


The following is the text that is in the ESOF program for the “Science in the city” event:

You are Super-person anno 2014! At least the dream is within reach. We can optimize the human body with the help of technology and medicine and most of us dream of being the best version of ourselves. We work out and eat in order to feel good and deliver the best we can. We are on the boundary of being able to develop our mental abilities through medicine and technology. This sounds like science fiction to many of us, but for some people it already belongs to every day life. Body hackers, grinders, cyborgs, etc have already become part of sub cultures. Come and explore how far you dare to enhance yourself.

The idea is that the public event will feed into the scientific session and that participants from the public event will bring questions forward to the scientists during the scientific session and together debate some of these questions.


The following is the text of the scientific session:

Neuro-enhancement - a true unfolding of man, blurring the lines between disability and super ability

What would you like to be today?
Imagine taking a pill - and you go from average to genius. Imagine being able to hear ultra sounds thanks to a bionical ear. Imagine learning extremely fast- not through understanding, but because your brain receives an electrical stimulus every time you get it right.
We are entering a new chapter in the human history, we can become transhumans. We will be able to modulate and manipulate our brains, bodies, our moods and actions, thus blurring the line between dis-ability and super-ability.
This is not the future, this is the present. Or perhaps - what we perceive as futuristic scenarios are present day dilemmas. Information about how you can enhance yourself is travelling at the speed, not of light, but of the Internet. The drugs are only as far away as a click on your computer mouse. In this scientific session we will explore the potential dilemmas and pitfalls, and the choices we have to take as individuals and as a society.
The speakers are all leading in their field, partners of the EU funded NERRI (Neuro-Enhancement: Responsible Research and Innovation) project. NERRI aims, through mobilisation and mutual learning (MML) to engage scientist, policy-makers and the broader public in discussing these issues.

Partners of the NERRI project are speakers at the scientific session and these include: Ilina Singh, Alex Quintanilha, Elisabeth Hildt, Rui M Costa and André Joubert. Charlotte Koldbye from Experimentarium will be leading the session.