NeuroArt: Art Exhibition and Public Debate in Rome

The Italian NERRI team will organize an art exhibition and a public debate as final event of the NERRI mutual learning activities

SISSA (International School of Advanced Studies) and TLS (Toscana Life Sciences) will organize an art exhibition and a public debate on neuro-enhancement in collaboration with La Sapienza University in Rome. This final event will be held at the Museum Laboratory of Contemporary Art of La Sapienza University in Rome (MLAC).

The art exhibition, titled “NeuroArt”, through interactive works of art, sculptures and paintings, will present some issues debated during the three years of the NERRI project, with the aim of facilitating a societal dialogue on complex and controversial topics as neuro-enhancement and genetic-enhancement. During the public discussion some results achieved by NERRI will be debated with specialists in the field and with the public. Journalists and experts in neuroscience, ethics and genome editing will discuss NERRI and neuro-enhancement: Delio Mercanti (CNR), Vincent Torre (SISSA), Manuela Enna (NeuroArt’s curator), Agnes Allansdottir (TLS), Emmanuele Tidoni (AgliotiLAB - Social & Cognitive Neurosciences Laboratory, Rome), Elisabetta Sirgiovanni (Neuro-Ethics Researcher - Sapienza University, Department of Molecular Medicine, Rome), Angela Simone (Scientific Journalist and Project Manager of Formicablu srl and Giannino Bassetti Foundation). This final event has also the aim to discuss how disseminate neuro-enhancement and understand how an art exhibition could deepen the social dialogue on neuroscience.  



NeuroArt – Art Exhibition

15th -20th February (14:00-19:00 h)

Opening: 15th February 2016 at 18:30


Public Debate on Neuro-Enhancement

Organized by SISSA and TLS

20th February at 15:30

MLAC – Museo Laboratorio d’Arte Contemporanea - Sapienza University, Rome

Palazzo del Rettorato – first floor. Piazzale Aldo Moro 5, 00185 Rome


Image: "In Vitro", video installation by Andrea Santini and Francesca Sarah Toich