Neuro-Enhancement Activities for Secondary School Students

The IBMC team organised a series of activities, held in some Portuguese high schools, sparking the debate on neuro-enhancement

The first school to welcome the IBMC team was ES Carolina Michaëlis. Two groups of students attended a lecture on Human Enhancement delivered by Prof. Alexandre Quintanilha, which kicked off this series of workshops that are expected to be replicated in a couple other schools. A talk on 'Smart Drugs' with Nerri researcher Teresa Summavielle followed.

These lectures set the tone to the ensuing workshops: a) a session on memory improvement and memorization techniques led by science artist Manuela Lopes; b) and a game wherein players are required to reflect upon the question in hand and take a stand concerning political positions, always within the frame of neuro-enhancement. This workshop was conducted by Nerri member Maria Rui Correia.

 The neuro-enhancement workshops lead the way towards the wrap up of the NERRI Project and help collect some very valuable data, which will be a useful tool to draw meaningful conclusions.



IBMC high schools activities 1

IBMC high schools activities 2

IBMC high schools activities 3