Neuro-Enhancement. A professional challenge to cope with the increase of competitiveness and the increase of productivity

The Italian NERRI teams are ready for their second event: a round table organized inside the MAXXI Museum (National Museum of XXI Century Arts) in Rome this Thursday, 5th June. - From the Italian NERRI partner International School for Advanced Studies

MAXXI Museum, Rome, 5th June 2014, Hall Graziella Lonardi Bontempi

On Thursday, 5th June 2014, starting 17.00 the MAXXI Museum in Rome will hold a meeting to analyze Neuro-Enhancement influence on society, stimulating dialogue between experts and lay public on related ethical issues.

A guided tour to the Museum will open the event preparing the ground for a series of speeches of neuroscience experts. At the end the public will be able to pose questions and discuss ideas with the speakers and other guests.


17.00 Guided tour to the collections of MAXXI

18.00 Coffee break

18.30 Presentations

- Moderator: Agnes Allansdottir (Siena, Toscana Life Sciences Foundation)

- Vincent Torre, Salutation and presentation of NERRI Project (Trieste, International School for Advanced Studies)

- Simone Rossi, “Non-invasive neuromodulation of human cognitive faculties: methodological and ethical considerations”

- Elizabeth Sirgiovanni, “Neuro-Enhancement and Neuroethics”

- Fabrizio Vecchio, “How can we tell from electroencephalogram how our performances will be?”

Round table with Andrea Paolini, general manager of Toscana Life Sciences Foundation, Antonello D’Elia, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, and the artist Bruno Aller.