Dutch interviews: some extracts

Another example of what emerged during the interviews with stakeholders. Here some views regarding the future of Neuro-Enhancement are described by two of the people interviewed by the Dutch team.

Where will Neuro-Enhancement  be - 20 years from now? 

“We expect that an important focus of research will in the foreseeable future remain the cause, treatment and prevention of dementia and psychiatric illnesses. There are too many urgent health related challenges to these diseases that have to be addressed before the focus of research will shift towards neuro-enhancement or other subjects. However, we expect that in the slipstream of the research into these diseases some technologies for neuro-enhancement will be explored.”

Prof. Frans Brom and drs Mirjam Schuijff, Rathenau Instituut – The Netherlands

OR? : 

‘’Once we have technology – like DBS and TMS – it will be applied and further developed. Although these developments take place in a medical context, they are certainly more than only a side- effect. In the 20 years to come these technologies will be refined and improved – now we’re just at the beginning. ‘’

Prof. Peter-Paul Verbeek , University of Twente