Beware for the boosted brain

Questioning neuroenhancement from a scientific, philosophical, ethical and societal perspective

In the future, we are told, neurotechnology and information technology will increasingly allow us to intervene in our own brains to enhance its capacities. Socalled neuro-enhancement technologies, from nootropics like Modafinil and Ritalin to neuro-implants and brain-computer interfaces, allegedly open up a future in which individuals will be able more and more to ‘tweak’ their own neural tissue in order to affect its performance in various desirable ways. However, these technologies may also have many ambiguous implications at both the individual and the societal level, and this calls for social, ethical and philosophical reflection.

During this evening event, organized by the Institute of Science, Innovation and Society at the Faculty of Science from the Radboud University, two internationally acclaimed experts will present their view on the scientific, societal, ethical and philosophical challenges of neuro-enhancement. Prof. dr. Bernard Stiegler is a philosopher and head of the Institut de recherche et d’innovation (IRI) at the Centre Georges-Pompidou in Paris and founder of Ars Industrialis. Prof. dr. Peter Hagoort is a cognitive neuroscientist and founding director of the Donders Institute for Cognitive Neuroimaging and currently also director of the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics, both in Nijmegen.


Date:                        1 February 2015



19.15 – 19.30          


19.30 – 22.30    

Lectures by Prof. dr. Bernard Stiegler and Prof. dr. Peter Hagoort (incl. break)


Location: LUX Mariënburg, Nijmegen


Entrance: Free, but please sign up at

Language: English


Image credits: Anabela Nunes