Ethics in the life sciences: debating neuro-enhancement

Ciência Viva and IBMC final NERRI event took place 25 February at Pavilhão do Conhecimento, Lisbon. 25 students from Cidadela high school, in Cascais, spent an afternoon discussing neuro-enhanceme...

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Neuro-Enhancement Policies for the Future. An International Panel Discussion

Neuro-enhancement , policies , debate , CELAB , IBMC.INEB , LSE , TLS

On February 5th, the Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine (CEU-CELAB) organized an international panel discussion

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Out of our Bodies: can we ever free consciousness?

Neuro-enhancement , debate , consciousness , LSE

LSE Department of Social Psychology and NERRI Literary Festival discussion

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Workshop “Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in action”

Neuro-enhancement , mutual learning , RRI

On February 25th, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF) will organize a workshop as final event of the NERRI activities

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NeuroArt: Art Exhibition and Public Debate in Rome

Neuro-enhancement , gene therapy , art , mutual learning , communication , public debate , SISSA , TLS

The Italian NERRI team will organize an art exhibition and a public debate as final event of the NERRI mutual learning activities

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A Clockwork Brain. How can art deepen the social discourse of science?

Neuro-enhancement , brain , societal dialogue

The Centre for Ethics hosts a panel discussion and art exhibition at the Reykjavík Art Museum on February 13th

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Neuroenhancement at work - a brief overview

Neuro-enhancement , pharmaceutical enhancement

An overview about Neuro-Enhancement in Germany

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IBRO Budapest Workshop

Neuro-enhancement , mutual learning , debate , CELAB , Central European University , workshop

During the 2016 IBRO Budapest Workshop, CEU CELAB prepared a poster introducing the project and summarizing its main outputs and, on February 5th, organized an international panel discussion about "N...

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Neuro-Enhancement Policies for the Future

Neuro-enhancement , policies , CELAB

On February 5th, the Center for Ethics and Law in Biomedicine (CEU-CELAB) will organize an international round table discussion

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Neurostimulation - Virtual Futures Salon

Neuro-enhancement , Brain Stimulation , brain interfaces , tDCS , brain computer interfaces , neurotechnologies

This panel, curated in partnership with NERRI, brings together representatives from the three spheres where brain stimulation operates – clinical research, consumer products and DIY brain-hacking

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Beware for the boosted brain

Neuro-enhancement , ethics , brain , mutual learning , societal dialogue , Radboud University

Questioning neuroenhancement from a scientific, philosophical, ethical and societal perspective

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Ethics against the emergence of killer robots - Interview with Kristinn R. Thórisson

ethics , robots , Artificial Intelligence

Dr. Kristinn R. Thórisson is the founder and Managing Director of IIIM and co-founder of Reykjavik University’s artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory

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Hacking the brain at Lisbon Maker Faire

Brain Stimulation , mutual learning , Ciência Viva , brain hackers

Ciência Viva organised a very interesting event during the Lisbon Maker Faire at Pavilhão do Conhecimento in Lisbon

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Neuro-Enhancement Activities for Secondary School Students

Neuro-enhancement , human enhancement , mutual learning , debate , NERRI Project , smartdrugs , IBMC.INEB

The IBMC team organised a series of activities, held in some Portuguese high schools, sparking the debate on neuro-enhancement

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What’s going on in my scull? The brain and its myths

neuroscience , brain functioning , brain , brain enhancement , Johannes Kepler University

A study dismissed some brain myths and explained what is wrong about such perceptions and what part of it aligns with scientific findings

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Neuro-cheat if you can’t win?

Neuro-enhancement , ethics , ethical issues , Sapienza University of Rome

…if that indeed can be called composition in which all the images rose up before him as things, with a parallel production of the correspondent expressions, without any sensation of consciousness of ...

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Neuroenhancement Philosophical Issues - Moral Enhancement

Neuro-enhancement , ethics , ethical issues , IBMC.INEB

Many of the controversial issues approached in enhancement debates are (or are closely related to) philosophical questions. Some are moral problems, regarding what we should and shouldn't do, and som...

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Neuroenhancement a thought experiment

Neuro-enhancement , Brain Stimulation , social , drugs , technology , drug regulation , mutual learning , NERRI Project , ITA (Institute of Technology Assessment)

When we started NERRI, we planned to devise a ‘consolidated Shared Agenda on neuro-enhancement in Europe’. In our dialogue with hundreds of people from many nations, what we found is a patchwork of s...

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A Super Brain with drugs and machines: the debate in Italy

Neuro-enhancement , ethics , neuroethics , brain , debate , Society , SISSA , TLS

The Italian NERRI team organized an interview with the national newspaper “L’Espresso”

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Roskilde festival as a platform for communication

Neuro-enhancement , human enhancement , technology , mutual learning , RRI , Experimentarium

Experimentarium explored a bottom-up strategy and used the popular Roskilde Music Festival as a platform to demonstrate and discuss the mindset of Responsible Research and Innovation and enter dialog...

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Keeping your brain fit – interview with: María K. Jónsdóttir Ph.D. in Clinical Neuropsychology

neuroscience , Alzheimer , brain , dementia , University of Iceland , brain health

María K. Jónsdóttir Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology and one of the organizers of an Icelandic blog site about “brain health”, gave a talk on “cognitive reserve” at a symposium organized by the Uni...

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Neuro-Enhancement in the German press

Neuro-enhancement , communication , University of Stuttgart

New developments in and critical studies about Neuro-Enhancement were not only discussed by scientists over the last years

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NERRI partners met in Rome for their fourth Consortium Meeting

Neuro-enhancement , neuroethics , neuroscience , Elisabeth Hildt , King's College London , Genetic Alliance UK , Ciência Viva , MML , NERRI Project , Central European University , RRI , Consortium meeting , IBMC.INEB , public debate , University of Iceland , Experimentarium , SISSA , LSE , Radboud University , European Brain Council , TLS , Toscana Life Sciences , EBC , Tilburg University , University of Stuttgart , University of Mainz , University of Linz , Year of the Brain , Frédéric Destrebecq , Hub Zwart , Alexandre Quintanilha , Gian Maria Galeazzi , Helge Torgersen , George Gaskell , Haskoli Islands , ITA (Institute of Technology Assessment)

NERRI members were in Rome to discuss the results achieved so far and to define a plan for the final months. The Meeting also hosted a public debate on neuroscience and methods for neuro-enhancement

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Neuro-enhancement applied to Minors: neurobiological, educative and legal aspects

Neuro-enhancement , ethics , legislation , ethical issues , mutual learning , Universitat Pompeu Fabra , Experimentarium , IBMC.INEB

Working group presented by Universitat Pompeu Fabra during the NERRI Consortium Meeting in Rome

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The Human Sciences after the Decade of the Brain – Perspectives on the Neuro-Turn in the Social Sciences and the Humanities

neuroethics , neuroscience , bioethics , neuroenhancement , Conference , University of Mainz

In April the German NERRI team had the pleasure of attending an international conference on the influence of the neurosciences on the human sciences

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Neuro-Enhancement: repairing the criminal brain? Insights gained from daily practice in a mental health clinic

Tilburg University , Neuro-enhancement , Radboud University , crime , brain , ethics , mutual learning , technology , deep brain stimulation

MLE (Mutual Learning Event) organized at Museum het Dolhuys in Haarlem, the Netherlands on 6 February 2015

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Roskilde Festival 2045: a look into the future!

technology , responsible research , future , NERRI Project , RRI , Experimentarium

'Roskilde Festival 2045’ is a part of a project about responsible science and innovation, called RRI-Tools. Experimentarium is collaborating with 30 European countries on the project. The project aim...

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Next NERRI Consortium Meeting will be held into the MACRO Museum in Rome

Neuro-enhancement , MML , NERRI Project , RRI , Consortium meeting , SISSA , TLS , European Brain Council

The NERRI members will be all together again to talk about the development of the project

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Neuro-Enhancement Philosophical Issues – on the therapy/enhancement distinction

Neuro-enhancement , ethics , ethical issues , IBMC.INEB

Many of the controversial issues approached in enhancement debates are (or are closely related to) philosophical questions. Some are moral problems, regarding what we should and shouldn't do, and som...

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CELAB organized the 5th Hungarian MLE with Transferlab at MOME

human enhancement , technology , mutual learning , debate , CELAB

The 5th Hungarian MLE explored synergies between disabilities, neuro-enhancement and design

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Successful activity of the NERRI project at the NOVUM science festival

Neuro-enhancement , debate , play decide , UPF

On April 27th Universitat Pompeu Fabra organised an activity on neuro-enhancement during the Science, Technology and Innovation Festival NOVUM, in the framework of the European project NERRI

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1st European Brain Council Board Meeting

Neuro-enhancement , human enhancement , mutual learning , brain enhancement , debate

On the occasion of the Board Dinner Meeting, held on February in Brussels, European Brain Council hosted a Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE), gathering its Members as well as Industry Partners

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Hack the Brain. How would you go about ‘extending the mind and augmenting the senses’? Quite a challenge, isn’t it?

transcranial direct current stimulation , human enhancement , virtual reality , brain enhancement , LSE

The NERRI team at the London School of Economics organised the UK’s first ‘brain hackathon’ to explore this very question.

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NERRI at the Pacita Conference 2015

Neuro-enhancement , innovation , technology , public engagement , stakeholders , Conference

From February 25 to 27 about 350 scientists, stakeholders and parliamentarians from countries around the world met in Berlin for the second PACITA conference to discuss “The Next Horizon of Technolog...

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The Brain Forum 2015

Brain Stimulation , electric stimulation , BRAIN initiative , brain , technology , Parkinson , brain enhancement , debate

A couple of weeks ago Alice Hazelton (Genetic Alliance UK) attended The Brain Forum 2015, a three-day event in Lausanne, Switzerland, that brought together world leaders in the fields of brain resear...

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An interview with Giuseppe Ducci (2nd part)

Neuro-enhancement , ethical issues , Psychopharmaceuticals , drug regulation , neuropharmaceutical , Psychiatric use , psychostimulants

Simona Pandolfi (SISSA) interviewed Giuseppe Ducci, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Director of the UOC Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment of ASL E DSM in Rome (S. Filippo Neri Hospital).

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Loucamente exhibition: from mental well-being to Neuro-Enhancement

Neuro-enhancement , mutual learning , Ciência Viva , well-being , NERRI Project , mental capacity

Pavillion of Knowledge - Ciência Viva main temporary show in 2015 is the first interactive exhibition about mental health and mental well-being.

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A Mutual Learning Exercise underneath the stars: discussing Neuro-Enhancement in a Philosophy Café

human enhancement , mutual learning , Philosophy of Technology , NERRI Project , Porto , IBMC.INEB

During the night of June 12th 2014, at Porto’s Planetarium, a group of citizens gathering for their usual Philosophy Café discussed the issues of human enhancement under a starry dome.

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IBMC.INEB Public Debate - On the way to Human Enhancement

Neuro-enhancement , Ritalin , human enhancement , debate , NERRI Project , IBMC.INEB

A public debate entitled “On the way to human enhancement” took place last June 12th, at the Manuel António da Mota Foundation’s headquarters inside the renovated Bom Sucesso Market, as the opening d...

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German focus groups in an educational context

Neuro-enhancement , focus group , students , cognitive performance , NERRI Project

In cooperation with the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz the University of Stuttgart conducted two focus groups under the headline ‘Improving cognitive performance with pharmaceuticals and devices...

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NERRI and Neuro-Enhancement at Ignite Portugal

Neuro-enhancement , mutual learning , nootropics drugs , science fiction , debate , Portugal , NERRI Project , IBMC.INEB

In November 2014 IBMC.INEB, a Portuguese member of NERRI Project, hosted a session of Ignite Portugal devoted to the theme “Back to the Future”.

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Doctoral students discussing Cognitive and Human Enhancement

cognitive enhancement , ethics , law , neuroscience , human enhancement , Philosophical anthropology , debate , Psychiatric use , NERRI Project

During the moth of July 2014, a dozen of GABBA PhD students spent an entire week discussing different questions and topics about Human and Cognitive Enhancement with researchers form very different a...

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An interview with Giuseppe Ducci

Neuro-enhancement , Psychopharmaceuticals , public attitudes , public engagement , Psychiatric use , NERRI Project

Simona Pandolfi (SISSA) interviewed Giuseppe Ducci, Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Director of the UOC Psychiatric Diagnosis and Treatment of ASL E DSM in Rome (S. Filippo Neri Hospital).

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Everyone’s opinion is taken into account at SuperMI

Neuro-enhancement , mutual learning , debate , Spain , SuperMI

SuperMI is the second citizen debate on Neuro-Enhancement organized in Spain by the Science Communication Observatory of Universitat Pompeu Fabra (OCC-UPF), together with one of the most important sc...

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Why discussing Neuro-Enhancement?

Neuro-enhancement , Institute of Molecular Biotechnology in Vienna , technology , biotechnology

Dr. Helge Torgersen tries to explain why a debate on Neuro-Enhancement is required. Helge Torgersen is a Biologist from ITA (Institute of Technology Assessment) in Vienna. In 1990, after having held ...

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Psychopharmaceuticals, the DSM-V and Family Therapy

ADHD , psychiatric disease , neuropharmaceutical

A contribution by Maurizio Andolfi, Child Neuro-Psychiatrist, Director of Accademia di Psicoterapia della Famiglia in Rome, Editor of Terapia Familiare and Professor in Residence at the Williams stre...

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Research in Italy about Neuro-Enhancement: a meeting in Rome inside a museum

Neuro-enhancement , drugs , neuroscience , pharmaceutical enhancement , Psychiatric use , psychostimulants , NERRI Project , psychoactive drugs

The NERRI Italian teams organized the fourth Italian mobilization and mutual learning activity choosing as location the MAXXI Museum (National Museum of XXI Century Arts) in Rome.

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Memory function, cochlear implant, and the basic right to enhancement

Neuro-enhancement , cochlear implant , memory , technology , Germany , NERRI Project , risks and benefits

A two day workshop on the chances, risks, and visions of neuro-technological enhancement in Germany.

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A mutual learning experience with school children in Iceland

enhancement , brain functioning , students , children , mutual learning , Iceland , NERRI Project

Super-brains, the ability to fly and better eyesight are some of the enhancement school children mention.

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The fourth Hungarian MMLE discusses the regulatory dimensions of Neuro-Enhancement

Neuro-enhancement , regulation , law , neuroethics , legislation , MML , NERRI Project

A NERRI Mobility and Mutual Learning Event focused on the role of Neuro-Enhancement’s legal regulation and on bioethic’s issues.

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The future is now: NERRI Consortium Meeting at Porto

Neuro-enhancement , smart drugs , NERRI Project

It’s less than a week now for the official kick-off of NERRI’s next Consortium Meeting at Porto. As every meeting has been, this one, on the 28th and 29th November, will be a time for NERRI partners ...

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Tinkering the criminal brain: the application of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) on (potential) criminals?

Neuro-enhancement , Brain Stimulation , ethics , DBS , mutual learning , Parkinson

Short flashback of the MLE organized at Tilburg Law School, the Netherlands on 8th May 2014.

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A spotlight on Neuro-Enhancement - Future business educators examine the chances and consequences of brain interventions over a four-month period

Student Health , BRAIN initiative , Austria , students , mutual learning , NERRI Project

One of the mutual learning events organized by the Austrian NERRI teams took place at the University of Linz. The experience was special because it consisted of a long-term adventure, lasting from Ma...

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The power of our Brain: from science to fiction

brain functioning , brain power , science fiction

Our brain is unique and highly efficient. Yet the myth of using only a very small part of its potential is still very popular, in particular the 10 percent of brain myth is widely known.

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The Idea of Neuro-Enhancement

Neuro-enhancement , cognitive enhancement , mutual learning , NERRI Project , public debate

NERRI and the opportunity to talk about Neuro-Enhancement promoting a broad societal dialogue with the wider public

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“Super me”. Interview with Naomi Hagelberg

Neuro-enhancement , Copenhagen , SuperMI

Naomi Hagelberg is an independent live role play consultant, who has a Cand. Scient. degree in biology. She was involved in the organization of the “Super me” event that took place during ESOF 2014 i...

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Neuro-Enhancement Research in Italy: a round table organized in Rome

Neuro-enhancement , prova , research , mobilization , mutual learning , MML , MAXXI Museum

MAXXI Museum, Rome, 18 October 2014
Hall Graziella Lonardi Buontempo, 15:00 to 19:00 hours

The fourth Italian...

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"Do we want a super brain?" A science café in Iceland

mobilization , mutual learning , debate , science café , MML , University of Iceland

From the Icelandic NERRI partner University of Iceland

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Cognitive Enhancement Conference

The Netherlands , Conference , Enhancing Responsibility

A three day conference will start tomorrow in Delft, The Netherlands. Some pieces of information on the event

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Super Human Me, discussing Neuro-Enhancement with High School Students in Denmark

mobilization , mutual learning , Denmark , debate , MML , high school students , Experimentarium

High School Students are one of the targets of the NERRI Project. Hearing their voices is important to understand what people, and especially the future European citizen, think of the Neuro-Enhanceme...

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Are Spanish people willing to consume Neuro-Enhancers?

mobilization , mutual learning , Universitat Pompeu Fabra , Spain , MML , UPF , MUNCYT , public debate , SuperMI

SuperMI, the first public debate on Neuro-Enhancement organized in Spain, was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions. Read what happened at this mobilization and mutual learning event. - ...

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Engaging patients and their families in the Neuro-Enhancement debate

UK , engagement , mutual learning , patients , Genetic Alliance UK

Engaging patients, families and their carers can be a complex challenge for many reasons. Genetic Alliance UK, one of the NERRI members, is planning to deliver a particular mutual learning exercise b...

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Organizing a round table on Neuro-Enhancement inside a museum: a fruitful experience

mobilization , mutual learning , MML , Italy , MAXXI Museum , Elisabetta Sirgiovanni , Simone Rossi , Fabrizio Vecchio , Agnes Allansdottir , Bruno Aller , Antonello D'Elia , Andrea Paolini , Rome , Vincent Torre , SISSA

The NERRI Italian teams chose the MAXXI Museum (National Museum of XXI Century Arts) in Rome as the perfect framework for their second mobilization and mutual learning activity. - From the Italian NE...

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Discussing Neuro-Enhancement regulation using a card game

Neuro-enhancement , mobilization , mutual learning , Universitat Pompeu Fabra , MML , play decide , science communicators

Future science communicators debated about neuro-enhancement and its regulation with the help of DECIDE, the open access deliberative game. A specific kit about “neuro-enhancement” within the framewo...

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Tinkering with the brain with high school students

students , mobilization , mutual learning , Ciência Viva , MML

Education is a potential context for the application of neuro-enhancement, and NERRI’s second mutual learning exercise (MLE) organized by Ciência Viva made visible some of the concerns and expectatio...

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Gattaca – an unsettling scenario

movie , Gattaca , bioethical issues

Movies can be incredibly useful to promote the debate regarding bioethical issues. Here a review on “Gattaca” a 1997 American science fiction film that addresses a lot of bioethical themes.

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Making sense of “responsible research and innovation” in Neuro-Enhancement

innovation , responsible research , RRI , René von Schomberg , European Commission

NERRI means Neuro-Enhancement: Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). But are we really aware of what RRI means? Helge Torgersen tries to give a complete picture of the meaning of this term.

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Time goes fast: one year of NERRI, a picture from the Consortium meeting

mobilization , mutual learning , Nijmegen , MML , NERRI Project , Consortium meeting

Even if it feels like it was yesterday, more than one year has passed since the beginning of the NERRI project. The last Consortium meeting was the perfect chance to rethink about the achievements an...

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Success of the neuroenhancement public debate at MUNCYT

Spain , UPF , MUNCYT , Neuro-enhancement , public debate , MML , mobilization , mutual learning

A description of what happened at the neuro-enhancement citizen debate called “SuperMI” in La Coruña on May the 22nd.

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London Brain Boosters

Modafinil , Ritalin , Adderall , ADHD , David Nutt , London , Brain boosters , Molly Crocket , Aldo Faisal , alpha5 GABA , morality pills , neurotechnologies , LSE

Often when talking about Neuro-Enhancement we think of reinforced memory and improvement in mathematical performance. But Neuro-Enhancement can be a lot more as shown during the “Brain Booster” event...

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New German Memorandum on Neuroscience presented

neuroscience , research , Germany , expectations

What has happened in neuroscience research in the last ten years? Have expectations been satisfied? Jürgen Hampel and Christian Hofmaier from the University of Stuttgart try to explain what has chang...

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Discussing brain doping in an overloaded Science Café

mobilization , mutual learning , Nijmegen , MML , Roshan Cools , Maartje Schermer , students play , Radboud University

The Radboud University of Nijmegen chose to discuss the issues related to Neuro-Enhancement during a Science Café entitled “Brain doping. From medical to societal need”. - From the Dutch NERRI partne...

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Neuro-Enhancement. A professional challenge to cope with the increase of competitiveness and the increase of productivity

mobilization , mutual learning , MML , MAXXI Museum , Elisabetta Sirgiovanni , Simone Rossi , Fabrizio Vecchio , Agnes Allansdottir , Bruno Aller , Antonello D'Elia , Andrea Paolini , SISSA

The Italian NERRI teams are ready for their second event: a round table organized inside the MAXXI Museum (National Museum of XXI Century Arts) in Rome this Thursday, 5th June. - From the Italian NER...

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The Myths, Realities, and Ethics of Neuroenhancement

NERRI Project , Vice , London , Brain boosters , David Nutt , Molly Crocket , Aldo Faisal , UK

The event "Brain boosters" organized in London by the NERRI consortium was a success. Read the article on "Vice-Motherboard".

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IBMC.INEB's “Tinkering with the Brain” Think Tank: discussing Neuro-Enhancement in a focus group

focus group , mobilization , mutual learning , MML , Porto , Tinkering with the Brain , IBMC.INEB

A new Mobilization and Mutual Learning Activity was organized in Portugal, this time in Porto by the IBMC.INEB team. A think thank of experts took part to a focus group.

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Should we put on those thinking caps?

regulation , cognitive enhancement , tDCS , transcranial direct current stimulation , policies , DIY , policy , cognitive enhancement devices

The regulation of Cognitive Enhancement Devices is a complex issue. The topic has been discussed in several articles but there are different ideas on how we should manage these new technologies.

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Let’s talk about risks in Neuro-Enhancement

Neuro-enhancement , risks , tDCS , smart drugs

If we talk about Neuro-Enhancement it is important to remember the risks related to cognitive enhancing drugs or to the technologies that can improve performance.

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Warming up the engines: NERRI Consortium Meeting in Nijmegen

mobilization , mutual learning , MML , NERRI Project , Consortium meeting

The NERRI members can start counting down: in two weeks we will be all together again in Nijmegen (The Netherlands) to talk about the development of the project.

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The technology of cognitive enhancement

cognitive enhancement , European research , FET , SiS , NERRI Project , Stephen Dunne

The NERRI project was mentioned on the blog of the "Digital Agenda for Europe" as an example of how European research can encourage discussion on emerging technologies.

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“Where is Neuro-Enhancement leading us to?” the first Italian Mobilization and Mutual Learning activity

Neuro-enhancement , mobilization , mutual learning , science café , MML , Trieste , Italy

A Science Café was the first MML organized in Italy. The event was the opportunity to discuss the issue of Neuro-Enhancement with the neuroethicists Elisabetta Sirgiovanni and the neurologist Simone ...

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The first Portuguese NERRI mutual learning exercise was a science café at a very special place — the National Parliament

Neuro-enhancement , science café , lisbon , Portugal , National Parliament , Tinkering the Brain

Involving politicians, pharmaceutical professionals, teachers and students in the debate regarding Neuro-Enhancement is challenging. The Ciência Viva team organized a Science Café inside the Portugue...

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Mobilization and Mutual Learning Activities: the importance of local involvement

Neuro-enhancement , mobilization , mutual learning , Universitat Pompeu Fabra , Spain , MML , local involvement

The participation and collaboration of local organizations representing society and main groups of actors and stakeholders is crucial to the planning and implementation of the Mobilization and Mutual...

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Suppose you’d like to test Ritalin, how would you get hold of it?

Neuro-enhancement , Ritalin , Austria , Germany , The Vice

Media coverage and academic discourse on Neuro-Enhancement seem to suggest that smart drugs are at everyone’s disposal when required. But is it really that easy to dope one’s brain? How do people get...

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Science Café at the Portuguese Parliament

Neuro-enhancement , science café , lisbon , Ciência Viva

A Science Café organized by Ciência Viva will be held 12th March in Lisbon at the Assembleia da Republica

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Do it yourself! Enhance your brain! Design your Future! What do you think?

cognitive enhancement , drugs , tDCS , neuro stimulation , neurotechnologies , Society , Radboud University

A NERRI World Café about Neurotechnology & Society was organized in the Netherlands by Radboud University in collaboration with University of Twente.

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Dutch interviews: some extracts

Neuro-enhancement , The Netherlands , interviews , future

Another example of what emerged during the interviews with stakeholders. Here some views regarding the future of Neuro-Enhancement are described by two of the people interviewed by the Dutch team.

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Interview with Prof. József Kovács

Neuro-enhancement , interviews , bioethics , József Kovács , recoinnassance

During the reconnaissance phase, NERRI members met stakeholders to collect their visions about the issues raised by Neuro-Enhancement. Judit Sándor interviewed the Hungarian bioethicist József Kovács...

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Super me

Neuro-enhancement , Denmark , ESOF , Euroscience Open Forum , Copenhagen

The NERRI project will join the Euroscience Open Forum in June. The NERRI event will take place on 23rd June in Copenhagen.

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New medicines for serious conditions: do the risks outweigh the benefits?

Neuro-enhancement , risks , #risks&benefits , benefits , patients , Genetic Alliance UK

When testing a new drug, medicines regulators need to consider pros and cons. But should they also talk with patients and listen to their opinions? Here an example of what has been done by Genetic Al...

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Mutual Learning Event in Nijmegen (The Netherlands)

Neuro-enhancement , Ritalin , mobilization , mutual learning , Nijmegen

NERRI is getting ready for the next challenge: mobilization and mutual learning activities. Here you will find more information about the event that will take place in Nijmegen on 10th March.

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“Nexus” a science fiction book about Neuro-Enhancement and the importance of technology regulation

books , Ramez Naam , science fiction , Nexus

Trying to figure out what Neuro-Enhancement is in the collective unconscious can be difficult. But books and movies can help understanding what people expect from new developments in science and tech...

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Reflections on “Normal behaviour”, and Neuro-Enhancement, according to the views expressed in the interviews recorded by NERRI Project

Neuro-enhancement , stakeholders , normality , interviews , Iceland

During the first part of NERRI project, the partners have interviewed different stakeholders. In this article a member of the Icelandic team explains one of the issue that have arisen during the inte...

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Nordic workshop in Helsinki in June

mobilization , mutual learning , Nordic Committee on Bioethics , Helsinki

NERRI project will promote Mobilization and Mutual Learning activities among Europe. The University of Iceland will organize an event in co-operation with the Nordic Committee on Bioethics.

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German Debates on Neuro-enhancement

Neuro-enhancement , TATup , Germany

In May an entire issue of a German journal was devoted to the topic of neuro-enhancement, summarizing the ongoing academic debate among German and Austrian researchers.

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How popular are “smart drugs”?

cognitive enhancement , smart drugs , research

More and more often newspapers write about the topic of “smart drugs”. But is the use of cognitive enhancing drugs a real problem? Here a brief overview about some problematics found in research on c...

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“Limitless” a possible scenario for neuro-enhancement

Neuro-enhancement , movie , Limitless , fiction

Fiction can help promoting the dialogue about neuro-enhancement and related technologies. The movie “Limitless” is an example of how the silver screen can drive thousands of people to take a stand on...

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Neuro-Enhancement Philosophical Issues – an overview

Many of the controversial issues approached in enhancement debates are (or are closely related to) philosophical questions. Some are moral problems, regarding what we should and should not do, and so...

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An introductory video about the NERRI project

During the NERRI Consortium meeting in Barcelona there was the chance to shoot a video about the NERRI project. Some members of NERRI explain what we mean with the word neuro-enhancement and why NERR...

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A timely debate on cognitive enhancement

The NERRI Consortium members are persuaded that it is not too early to start a debate about neuro-enhancement. Here an explanation of why the perfect timing to start a broad discussion about neuro-en...

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NERRI Consortium meeting in Barcelona

The first NERRI Consortium Meeting took place in Barcelona on the 25th and 26th of November. After the first nine months spent working on the project the meeting was the perfect opportunity to discus...

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